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Productive day ‘key to prisoner rehab’ at Maghaberry

David Kennedy, 51, has 30 years experience as a prison officer. Photo: Press Eye

The new governor at Maghaberry prison has said full and productive days are key to rehabilitating prisoners.

In 2015 inspectors described Maghaberry as the most dangerous prison they had ever visited, warning it was in a state of crisis and instability - now it has seen its lowest level of incidents for four years.

David Kennedy said: "The first key thing is a full productive day.

"You can make a difference in a lot of ways, you are engaging with them and sometimes a lot of people are not used to that.

"People come in here and they live chaotic lives outside, they come in in crisis."

Mr Kennedy said it was important to have people out of their cells and associating, and doing everything from recycling milk bottles to higher education.

"I take a really forward-thinking approach to doing everything we can to come up with work,” he explained.

The new governor added that staff were proud of what they were doing to help, saying: "The people here make a difference to prisoners' lives."