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Brexit Secretary David Davis says he'll visit Irish border 'when the time arises'

Brexit Secretary David Davis speaking in the House of Commons Photo:

David Davis has insisted he is "confident" an agreement on a transition phase with the EU post-Brexit can be reached within days.

The Brexit Secretary told MPs that the Government's immediate goal is to agree a "strictly time-limited" implementation period by the March European Council next week.

He also dismissed suggestions that the UK was destined to get a bad Brexit deal, given EU fears other member states may look to follow Britain's example.

On the Irish border, shadow Brexit minister Jenny Chapman said ministers "did not quite appreciate the level of concern there is across the House" on how to resolve the issues.

Challenged by Labour's Karin Smyth to visit the border, Mr Davis referred to his "previous looking at the border" around the time of the Belfast Agreement to examine smuggling - which prompted Ms Chapman to note: "That's 20 years ago."

Mr Davis went on: "That's one occasion. This is an important issue. Indeed when Martin McGuinness was alive, the very last conversation I had with him was about doing exactly that and I will when the time arises.

"But the simple truth is that this border issue is resolvable if we have a free trade agreement and if we have a customs agreement, it is resolvable by technical means as well."