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Celebrations take place to mark St Patrick's Day

Celebrations have been taking place across Northern Ireland to mark St Patrick’s Day.

The streets of Belfast were awash with colour from 11.30am on Saturday, as the carnival parade made its way through the city.

This year’s theme is Global Belfast.

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Community groups from across our cultural spectrum took part alongside professional and amateur performers.

A free concert took place at Customs House Square from 1.30pm, featuring local musicians and dancers, along with special guest appearances.

Parades have also been held in Londonderry, Armagh, Newry and Downpatrick.

Meanwhile thousands are took to the streets in Dublin for the annual 17 March parade - where Star Wars hero Mark Hamill joined the celebrations.

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The Luke Skywalker actor took to Twitter to announce: “Today the whole Galaxy is Irish.”

The guest of honour role was introduced to recognise Irish Diaspora and those with links to Ireland who have made a significant impact abroad.

This year's parade started from Parnell Square at noon, marching down O'Connell St, before crossing the River Liffey, winding around College Green, and finishing at Kevin St.