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Police make 23 arrests in Belfast on St Patrick's Day

The cean-up operation swung into action on Sunday morning in the Holyland area. Photo: UTV

Police made 23 arrests in Belfast on St Patrick’s Day, but for the most part the celebrations passed off peacefully.

One student was seriously injured after falling from the top floor window of a house in Rugby Avenue in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It's understood there had been a party, but it's not known if the young man in his 20s had been one of the party-goers.

He was found lying in the garden and taken by ambulance to hospital where relatives have maintained a bedside vigil.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Elsewhere, in unrelated incidents, there were 23 arrests linked to the St Patrick's Day celebrations.

They were made in and around city centre and the Holyland areas.

People were arrested for a range of offences such as disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest and minor assaults including assaults on police.

A number of people are due in court, others were dealt with by way of community resolution notices and penalty notices of disorder, while some remain in police custody.

A complex police operation was in place on Saturday.

Superintendent Robert Murdie said: “While the majority of people celebrating in the city yesterday did so in a good natured and respectful fashion some did not heed our message to act and drink responsibly.

“Police responded to numerous reports of unacceptable anti-social conduct and young people drinking alcohol in the street.

“In fact, the majority of those arrested were under the influence of alcohol.”

Police said they will review the planning for St Patrick’s Day along with partner agencies and in consultation with the local community.

They said they “will take away whatever learning there is to improve the experience in future for residents and visitors alike”.