Film remembers inspirational nun killed in earthquake

Sister Clare Crockett, who gave up a budding acting career to become a nun.

Two years after the death of inspirational young actress-turned-nun Sister Clare Crockett, who was killed in an earthquake in South America, a film has been made about her life.

The documentary, All Or Nothing, premiered to a packed cinema in Londonderry on Monday night.

Sister Clare Crockett died trying to save the children she was teaching music to in a school ran by her order in Ecuador.

The building collapsed when a huge 7.8 earthquake struck.

To mark the second anniversary of Sister Clare’s death, nuns from the Home of the Mother order joined with her family to pray at her graveside.

Her order also turned the story of her life, that touched so many, into a film.

Money raised in ticket sales goes to the Colin Bell Trust that brought Sister Clare’s body home and, due to demand, an extra screening is being held in Derry’s biggest cinema on Wednesday evening.