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Family and dog rescued by Coastguard off North Coast

A member of the Coastguard poses with the rescued dog. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard/Facebook

Six people and a dog have been rescued by Coastguard teams after getting trapped on rocks on the North Coast.

The Coastguard were called in the early hours of Sunday 6 May by the family, who were trapped on rocks west of Portballintrae.

A full scale rescue operation was launched involving Coastguard teams from Coleraine and Ballycastle, as well as a helicopter rescue team.

The trapped party had been caught out by the rising tide while exploring an area of the coastline which was well known to them.

The were quickly located by the Coastguard teams and their position was passed to the helicopter.

All six members of the family and their dog were then airlifted to the cliff top and given into the care of Coastguard personnel.

No one was injured in the incident.