'Hypocritical' to marry in church and support abortion

Father Patrick McCafferty says those who support abortion must search themselves before asking the church to marry them. Credit: UTV

A west Belfast priest has said it would be hypocritical for a practising Catholic who supports abortion to expect the church to marry them.

Father Patrick McCafferty says it is right that the Catholic Church is seen to be out of step with wider society, following the historic abortion referendum result in the Republic of Ireland.

“I would have to say to be people, if you don’t believe in what the church teaches, you are being a hypocrite, you are being dishonest, spiritually and morally,” he told UTV.

“Be honest, there are lots of other options available, there are beautiful civic areas, country houses, town halls.”

Fiona Ferguson says the Catholic Church could risking isolating itself further over the issue. Credit: UTV

Meanwhile pro-choice campaigners say more compassion should be shown.

Fiona Ferguson from Solidarity with Repeal said: “There were groups called Catholics Together for Yes, who were very public about the fact they were practising Catholics.

“But they understood that even though they might not have an abortion themselves, that civil law should reflect the rest of society and that people who need abortions should be able to get them freely, safely and legally.”