The EU appears to want to make it easier for terrorists by using Brexit to erect barriers over security issues, the DUP's Westminster leader has suggested.

Nigel Dodds criticised Brussels for its "completely wrong" approach after the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier cast doubt on the UK's future involvement in the European Arrest Warrant - among other security matters.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Dodds said, "The EU and Michel Barnier say they don't want a hard border on the island of Ireland and we agree with that.

"But on the other hand yesterday in his remarks on security cooperation, he seemed to be erecting barriers in the way of the best possible cooperation between the UK and the rest of Europe.

He then asked the Prime Minister to make it clear that the EU's approach is wrong and concluded by suggesting the "EU is wanting to make Brexit harder for the UK but easier for those who want to cause damage across Europe."

Mrs May replied, "The future security partnership we want with the European Union is an important part of the deal we negotiated with them.

"I set out our intentions in that security partnership back in the speech I gave in Munich at the Munich security conference.

She continued, "I fully recognise the importance, particularly of some of the instruments we've been able to use within the European Union, to the working of the police across the border in Northern Ireland and Ireland in ensuring that those who would seek to do the people of Northern Ireland harm are indeed brought to justice, are apprehended and prevented from doing so.

"I am absolutely clear that that security partnership is a key, important and very essential element of what we're negotiating."