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£9 million paid to MLA salaries since Stormont collapse

Over 18 months of no assembly, taxpayers have paid out over £9m to MLAs

Taxpayers in Northern Ireland have paid over £9 million to MLA salaries since Stormont collapsed 18 months ago.

That figure was revealed in Wednesday’s Northern Ireland Affairs Committee in which Secretary of State, Karen Bradley, was pressed on why she still has not decided if MLA pay will be cut.

It's an absolutely outrageous amount of money paid to MLAs for not doing their job.

– Lady Sylvia Hermon

The questioning comes three months after Ms Bradley was minded to reduce their salaries.

Have you any idea how angry and fed up the general public are that MLAs are still receiving a full salary 18 months after Stormont collapsed? How can you justify treading water?

– Lady Hermon
Secretary of State says she's aware of how angry the public are but mindful that MLAs still work for their constituents. Credit: NI Affairs Committee

Ms Bradley said she was extraordinarily aware of how angry the public are about the full salaries being paid while Stormont does not function, but mindful that MLAs still work for their constituents.

Lady Hermon said the people of Northern Ireland would not be persuaded by her position on the matter.

When pressed on which parties objected to cutting MLA pay, Ms Bradley said it would not be appropriate to name parties or individuals.

It was revealed that it had cost the public £6.3 million in the last year to pay MLAs, excluding office costs.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has been suspended for 18 months, taking the total figure to over £9 million.