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Missiles thrown as east Belfast bonfire sites cleared

Tensions remain high in east Belfast as contractors remove material from bonfire sites, amid a heavy police presence.

It comes after a controversial bonfire deemed unsafe due to its size was set alight hours after the High Court ruled it must be made smaller.

There is still a heavy police presence in east Belfast. Credit: Presseye

Concerns had been raised over the pyre at Bloomfield Walkway, due to its proximity to houses, a children’s play park and trees.

On Tuesday, police and contractors then attended a second bonfire at Cluan Place.

According to the PSNI, the operations were "necessary" on safety grounds.

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Police say missiles have been thrown. Credit: Presseye

Officers say a number of missiles were thrown and they were also investigating a “loud bang”.

An earlier security alert on the Holywood Road has since ended after a suspicious object was examined and declared a hoax.

Bonfires will be lit across Northern Ireland on the Eleventh Night. Credit: Presseye