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Brian O’Driscoll plays Lambeg drum at Orange parade

Brian O’Driscoll plays Lambeg drum at an Orange parade in Loughgall, Co Armagh. Credit: Aaron Willis

Former Ireland rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll has tried his hand at playing a Lambeg drum during a visit to an Orange parade in Co Armagh.

The Dubliner was in Loughgall for the flagship Twelfth of July commemoration.

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Orange Order member Aaron Willis, who is from the village, said O’Driscoll got a very warm welcome - and that, as a sports fan, he was particularly excited to see him.

“We were just getting off the bus to line up for the parade when we saw him,” he told the Press Association.

“Then one of the guys asked him if he wanted to have a go on a lambeg drum.

“Everyone was so excited to see him and asking to get their picture taken with him and he seemed to be enjoying himself, which is the main thing.”

Brian O'Driscoll with UUP councillor Colin McCusker. Credit: UUP

Ulster Unionist councillor Colin McCusker met O'Driscoll and said it was a pleasure, adding: “He posed some challenging questions, but hopefully he understood my take on all things Irish!”

O’Driscoll tweeted on Thursday morning that he was in Northern Ireland to film a documentary about how rugby as a sport “unifies the country”, adding that he was “meeting some great people”.

A spokesman for the Orange Order confirmed the former rugby captain was visiting the parade for a documentary he is making.

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