DUP votes against Pride flag on council buildings

This year's Pride celebrations will be on 4 August. Credit: Presseye

The rainbow Pride flag celebrating the LGBT community is set to be flown from some council buildings in Northern Ireland for the first time.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon councillors have voted to raise the flag to coincide with the Pride parade next week.

However, DUP councillors voted against the move, while Ulster Unionists abstained from the vote.

The UUP opted not to vote after their amendment to Sinn Féin’s motion, recommending that council buildings be lit in the Pride colours instead, was rejected.

No one from either the DUP or UUP was available to comment.

Last year saw the Pride flag flown for the first time from a Stormont government building, when then Secretary of State James Brokenshire made the decision to mark the annual Pride parade.

James Brokenshire flew the Pride flag at Stormont House last August. Credit: Presseye

It will take place on 4 August this year and Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon council will fly the flag from its civic buildings on the same day – the first council to do so.

Belfast City Hall will also be lit up in the Pride colours to celebrate the day.

Meanwhile, Derry City & Strabane District Council has passed a motion to light up its offices in rainbow colours to mark the 25th anniversary of Foyle Pride.

The DUP has been much criticised by gay rights activists for opposing same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

However, in June, Arlene Foster has become the first DUP leader to attend an LGBT event.

She gave a speech at the Pink News gathering at Stormont, telling those in attendance: “We are all equal …”

She added: “I don't define anyone on the basis of their religion, race or sexuality. I look at you as my neighbours or my fellow citizens.”