Divide of opinion over Primark Pride display

Colourful Pride merchandise on display at Belfast High Street Primark. Credit: Pacemaker

A Primark window display supporting Belfast's Pride Week has caused a divide in opinion.

The shop's support of the LGBTQ community in Northern Ireland has upset some but the store is standing by its display and says it's proud to support Pride.

However, others with Christian values have taken to social media to complain and are asking other Christian's to write to the company's manager and do the same.

Shoppers look on at the colourful Pride Display. Credit: Pacemaker

The MLA also said he won't be shopping in Primark again and will be urging his family not to shop there either, unless the company revise their decision.

The company said its position on LGBTQ rights is well known and they support equality for all.

"Belfast Pride now brings easily 24,000 people into the city centre and it's the best parade of the year.

'At the very first Pride there were more protesters than participants but now if the protesters can even gather 20 people, they're having a good year,' said Mr Boyd.

Belfast's Pride parade will take place on Saturday 4th August.