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Larne residents ‘intimidated’ by fascist leaflets

Leaflets promoting a right-wing extremist group have been posted through letterboxes in Larne, Co Antrim. Credit: UTV

Residents have said they feel intimidated by fascist leaflets posted through letterboxes in Larne, and a complaint has been made to police.

The flyers promoting a right-wing extremist group, calling themselves the New British Union, have been hand-delivered in the Upper Cairncastle Road area of the Co Antrim town in recent days.

The UK group - made up of many defectors from groups like the British National Party and English Defence League - is trying to revive Oswald Mosley’s notorious British Union of Fascists party.

They have been operating in England and Scotland for around five years, but this is the first time they have tried to gather support in Northern Ireland.

“This sort of thing has no support in Larne at all and would be very, very frightening for residents to receive through their letterboxes,” Larne resident Danny Donnelly said.

“We’re very, very concerned about it.

“I believe it’s a hate crime, so I have contacted local police to make them aware and hopefully they’ll investigate and we can find out who’s behind it.”