NI boy offered £500 Fortnite vouchers for graphic photos

The game Fortnite has proved addictive for young players, also sparking an unlikely dance craze. Credit: PA
  • Jane Loughrey reports:

Police in Northern Ireland are warning that a 12-year-old boy has been offered £500 in Fortnite vouchers by a stranger on social media in exchange for graphic photos.

Posting on Facebook, a PSNI constable urged parents to talk to their children about the risks of communicating online with people they do not know.

The boy was initially added by a stranger on Snapchat and after chatting about Fortnite – a hugely popular battle royale game – was asked to send pictures of himself.

According to the PSNI: “He was offered £100 for his face and more for more graphic images.

“One picture was sent - thankfully not of a graphic nature - and when more were requested, he knew something wasn’t right and he stopped communicating.”

Communication was initiated by a stranger who added the boy on Snapchat. Credit: PA

However, police say the person the young boy was communicating with has since threatened to post the boy’s picture on Facebook if he did not continue.

Urging young people to be careful online, the constable warned: “No one will give you money or vouchers if you send them pics. It simply will not happen.

“There is always an ulterior motive behind it and some creep on the other end looking to exploit you. To paraphrase an old phrase - if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.”

Parents are also being urged to ensure their children are being safe online and to monitor their internet usage.