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'Interim relief road' opens to ease bus lane congestion

Commuters face lengthy delays due to new bus lanes. Credit: UTV

An “interim relief road” will be opened to help ease traffic congestion at the Titanic Quarter in Belfast.

Belfast Harbour said it will open a road linking Queen’s Road and Sydenham Road at peak evening times in the short term.

It comes after road users vented their frustrations over serious traffic disruption caused by the introduction of new bus lanes.

“Belfast Harbour has been monitoring traffic flows around Queen’s Road and Sydenham Road and we are acutely aware of the significant disruption during weekday peak evening traffic since the new bus lanes came into effect,” a statement said.

“To help alleviate this in the short term, Belfast Harbour will next week open an interim relief road linking Queen’s Road and Sydenham Road at peak evening times."

It went on: “Belfast Harbour and Titanic Quarter Ltd remain fully supportive of a functioning Belfast Rapid Transit system in the city and continue to engage with the Department for Infrastructure and Translink to find solutions that will resolve the problem and reduce congestion for all those who work, live and visit Titanic Quarter.”

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