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CCTV shows hooded gunmen opening fire on house

The gunmen were caught on CCTV. Credit: UTV

CCTV footage has emerged of the terrifying moment hooded gunmen opened fire on a house in west Belfast.

Seven shots were fired at the property in Dermott Hill Parade overnight.

The weapon used by the man on the left fails - but he keeps trying to discharge the weapon before the pair run off.

The bullets damaged the front door and windows and some lodged in the living room walls and ceiling.

The woman who lives in the house was not hurt.

Her husband wasn’t at home at the time of the attack, but said his wife had been left badly shaken by the ordeal.

George Richmond said: “When I arrived she was hiding under the bed.

"An ambulance came, because they had panicked, she went into a panic, and they were worried for her."

The couple should be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary but instead are having to consider leaving the area.

“That's the last straw," George said.

"I haven't any confidence any more here, to live here, it's just too dangerous now, we're too old for all this."

Meanwhile police have asked anyone with information to come forward.