Garvagh man, 45, shot in 'vicious' paramilitary attack

A man has been shot in both arms and legs in a paramilitary style attack in Garvagh.

A gang of masked men broke into the 45-year-old victim's home just before 10.30pm on Saturday 27 October.

He was also beaten with a bat or metal bar.

The victim's teenage daughter was also present in the house at the time of the attack. It's believed she offered the masked gang her piggy bank in order to save her family.

Detective Chief Inspector White said, "[she] was threatened to be shot by one of the violent perpetrators before her mobile phone was taken to prevent her calling for help."

An attempt was also made to set fire to items in the house.

DCI White continued, “The injured man is currently in hospital receiving treatment for the gunshot wounds and head injuries from being beaten.

“This a sickeningly vicious shooting and beating which has left this man with serious and potentially life changing injuries, and a young girl severely traumatised.

He went on to ask, “What sort of men would think it is acceptable to subject a young girl to this level of brutality and violence? Every child has the right to feel safe and protected in their own home - how is this poor child going to sleep tonight or in coming nights? What are the long term effects on her going to be?

“It’s quite obvious the hypocrites who carried out this dreadful attack don’t care at all about the children in their community. I wonder how they would feel if their own child witnessed such a level of violence?"

Police have asked anyone with information relating to the incident to get in touch.