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Call for no retaliation as murder victim laid to rest

Murder victim Jim Donegan's funeral has been held in west Belfast. Credit: Presseye

The family of a father murdered in broad daylight outside a west Belfast school has called for no retaliation, only justice, at his funeral.

Jim Donegan, 43, was shot dead while waiting to pick his son up from school on the Glen Road.

A lone gunman was caught on CCTV walking among unsuspecting pupils before opening fire as the victim sat in his car.

Speaking at Mr Donegan’s requiem mass at St John the Evangelist Church on the Falls Road, Father Martin Magill said his family had been left heartbroken.

“Jim’s family was plunged into the depths of grief by his murder last Tuesday afternoon, yet in the depths of their pain, they are very clear,” he said.

“They want no one else to suffer as they have suffered and are suffering and, sadly, will continue to suffer.”