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Baby yoga brings festive fun to older residents

Mums and tots visit older residents of sheltered accommodation in Comber, Co Down. Credit: UTV

Older residents of sheltered accommodation in Co Down have been enjoying some festive fun with the mums and tots from a baby yoga class.

The Happy Hatchlings classes have been held weekly at Weir Court in Comber and the tenants look forward to welcoming their little visitors.

“These classes, they make you younger,” Robert Bradshaw, who has been a resident for 10 years, told UTV.

Robert Bradshaw with one of the little visitors to Weir Court. Credit: UTV

With Christmas on the horizon, Claire McMullan who runs the group helps the mums put their babies through their paces, while the residents sing carols and play instruments.

“It stops them sitting in their flats all day long, with potentially seeing nobody,” she said.

“Sometimes the older generation are forgotten about.”

The baby yoga classes are a welcome addition to the week for the residents. Credit: UTV

And, according to Claire, the residents are always raring to go each week.

“They can’t wait for their Wednesday mornings and they’re here - usually as I’m getting ready, before the babies even come,” she added.

“They’re here, sitting there ready with their pom-poms or their little musical instrument.”

Caroline Robinson with daughter Aoife. Credit: UTV

Caroline Robinson, whose daughter Aoife takes part in the yoga classes, says the classes are great for all those involved.

“It’s surprising to see the relationship between the children and the elderly residents here and to see the joy it brings,” she said.

Plus there is also the added benefit of plenty of willing babysitters while mum grabs a cuppa!