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Deliver Brexit on basis of 'our shared priorities' says Dodds after no confidence motion defeated

DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds says we need to leave the European Union 'as one country'. Credit: House of Commons

The Government has seen off a vote of no confidence that was called by Labour.

Theresa May's government won the vote of MPs by 325 votes to 306, a majority 19.

The vote was tabled by Jeremy Corbyn after the crushing defeat of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal on Tuesday.

Despite surviving the latest attack on her premiership, Mrs May’s problems are far from over and she must now try and build a Brexit consensus in parliament.

She has reportedly reached out to "senior parliamentarians" across party lines in an effort to create agreement on the next steps.

Speaking after the vote was quashed, Nigel Dodds said: "We want to deliver Brexit; taking back control of our laws, our border and money and we leave the European Union as one country. Let us work in the coming days to achieve that objective."

The confidence and supply arrangement is of course built upon delivering Brexit on the basis of our shared priorities - for us that is the union.

– Nigel Dodds, DUP

With the UK scheduled to exit the EU in just over 10 weeks' time on 29th March, the Prime Minister has until next Monday to return to the Commons and present a "Plan B" option.