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Services withdrawn after buses attacked in Dunmurry

Bus services have been withdrawn in response to attacks. Credit: UTV

Some bus services in the Dunmurry area have been withdrawn due to attacks on drivers over five nights running.

Police are investigating a string of incidents in the Lagmore area, involving bricks being thrown, bus windows smashed, and lasers shone in drivers’ eyes.

Translink says 10D services have been withdrawn until Thursday morning.

“This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, as we realise that removing services impacts our customers, but this is in the interests of safety of our staff and passengers,” a spokesperson said.

“We utterly condemn anti-social behaviour and we would urge parents to ensure they know where their children are and what type of activity they are engaging in.

“Stone throwing at buses has huge safety implications - both for those on board and for other road users, including drivers and pedestrians - and cannot be tolerated.”

Translink and the PSNI are working with community and elected representatives to identify those involved in anti-social behaviour.

Pointing out on social media how much some people rely on public transport, police in west Belfast warned the young people responsible that they were only hurting their own community.

“To the ordinary person who’s going to be inconvenienced, we appreciate your frustration,” they said, adding: “But let’s not lose sight of the issue here.

“This isn’t the bus drivers’ fault, it’s not Translink’s fault, and it’s not the police’s fault either.

“The blame lies squarely with the reckless and inconsiderate young people who are attacking buses.”