Coleraine Coastguard out of action after station raid

The volunteer rescue team posted pictures of their ransacked station on social media. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard

The Coleraine Coastguard team has been left unable to respond to emergencies after their station was one of five premises ransacked overnight.

All five burglaries happened in a business park at Gateside Road in Coleraine.

The break-in at the Coastguard station was discovered by volunteers on Wednesday morning, leaving them upset at the potential impact on the local community.

Damage caused by those responsible for the break-in. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard

The team posted on social media to say: “The result of this madness is that our team has had to be declared off line until the PSNI have completed investigations and we can be 100% sure our equipment is complete and safe to use.

“This is a loss of a valuable life-saving resource for all our community.”

They added: “We will do our utmost to be back on line as soon as possible.”

Police are investigating the break-in at Coleraine Coastguard station. Credit: Coleraine Coastguard

Police have said the Coastguard team being unable to respond to emergencies was “extremely worrying”, especially given the current stormy weather.

Detectives are appealing for anyone who suspicious activity, or vehicles in the area, late on Tuesday night to contact them on 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.