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Two teenagers assaulted in ‘hate crime’ attacks

Police are investigating.

Two assaults on teenagers in north Belfast are being treated as hate crimes.

In the first attack, a 15-year-old boy was struck with metal bars in the Oldpark Road area after having sectarian comments shouted at him.

Another 15-year-old boy was threatened on the Crumlin Road before being punched and “struck with something metal”.

The first incident happened at around 10pm on Saturday, the second one 15 minutes later.

Police said: “A 15-year-old boy was doing nothing more than making his way home along the Oldpark Road - close to the junction with Rosapenna Street, when two males, both of whom were on bikes, directed sectarian comments towards him and then proceeded to assault him with metal bars.

“This young man has been taken to hospital to get his injuries treated.

“Around 15 minutes later, another 15-year-old male and a friend were making their way home along the Crumlin Road, close to Russell's shop, when they too were approached by two males on push bikes.

“Again, they were threatened and they had sectarian comments directed at them - one of the males on the push bikes then punched the 15-year-old male under his eye - the victim believes that he was struck with something metal.”

Police described the attacks as “disgusting” and appealed for anyone with information to come forward.