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Woman escapes injury after Derry arson attack

Video report by Gareth Wilkinson

A woman aged in her 60s has escaped injury following an arson attack on a house in Londonderry on Tuesday evening.

Bins were set alight at the back of the property in the Shantallow area at around 8.30pm, and the fire spread to a nearby oil tank.

The woman managed to get out in time and was given treatment for shock.

Police said the blaze caused "substantial damage" to the house, and to a number of neighbouring homes at Greenhaw Avenue.

Fire crews attended and extinguished the flames.

Investigations are underway into a possible link between this fire and damage caused to a car parked in the area the same night.

They said it's believed a slate was thrown through the rear window of the vehicle some time between 9.30pm and 10.30pm.

Any witnesses to suspicious activity in the area are asked to come forward.

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