A mother from Co Londonderry who has been turning hard-to-recycle rubbish into funds for charity has won an environmental award for her efforts.

A red telephone box in the village of Tamlaght O’Crilly has been repurposed by the local community who have gotten behind a one-woman campaign to make the planet greener.

Vicky-Seviour Crockett has been collecting other people’s rubbish for the past five years to prevent it from going to landfill.

She has got local schools to come on board with her scheme as well.

Eugene Mullan, Principal of Crossroads Primary School, commented: “She’s such an inspiring lady, to be doing this all in her own time and expecting no reward and no recognition for it, she really is an inspiration to the kids in all the local schools she’s started this initiative off in.”

Vicky-Seviour Crockett is turning hard-to-recycle rubbish into funds for charity. Credit: UTV

She collects items that don’t normally get recycled, such as empty packets of baby wipes, food pouches, crisp tubes, and sends them off to a company to be made into something useful.

The proceeds go towards a cause that's close to her heart.

The money she raises goes to Kicks Count, a charity which helps spread awareness of the importance of a baby’s movements in the womb with the aim to prevent stillbirths.

She is supporting the charity after it helped her during her own pregnancy.

“When I was pregnant with William, he didn’t move so much towards the end of my pregnancy," said Vicky.

"I went onto the internet and Kicks Count advised to go to hospital.

“So we went to hospital and and because of that he was born safely. William was an IVF baby and we know how precious they are and the idea of losing him at that late stage would have destroyed us.

"So he was born healthy and a couple of weeks later I went to put a baby wipe packet in the bin and I remembered that Kicks Count recycled them, so I stopped myself and looked it up and decided that I would try and support them.”

Vicky was crowned a local Litter Hero. Credit: UTV

Her efforts recently saw Vicky crowned a local Litter Hero in the Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful Community Awards.

She hopes that by spreading her message she can get more people helping the environment and giving mothers-to-be vital knowledge that could potentially save their babies’ lives.

Vicki said: "Trust your instincts, a mother's instinct is unparalleled. If you think there is something wrong, go to the doctor straight away.

"Don't sleep on it and think it will be okay tomorrow. Get straight to the hospital and get checked out, you'll never waste anyone's time."