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Murdered man ‘may have been removed in wheelie bin’

Police are investigating the disappearance of Pat McCormick. Credit: UTV

Police believe Pat McCormick's body may have been removed from a block of flats in Comber in a wheelie bin.

The 55-year-old has been missing for almost three weeks and detectives believe he was murdered.

DCI Pete Montgomery told UTV one line of enquiry is that Mr McCormick was killed in a block of flats the evening he vanished.

The lead detective believes his body may then have been removed in a wheelie bin.

“Experience tells you, if you want to take someone away from a potential crime scene without coming under notice, you could use a wheelie bin,” he said.

“Equally you could use a sports bag or a quilt cover, things like that, but obviously I need to explore the possibility of whether a wheelie bin has been used and if it has, I need to find it.

“So I’m asking if the public in Comber come across a discarded wheelie bin or if you’ve had one stolen I would like to know about it.”

Further searches took place in the Comber River on Wednesday and a number of items have been recovered.

DCI Montgomery said he believes they could help with the murder investigation.