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Goose ‘may have had wing broken’ in park attack

George the Goose was attacked in a Ballymena park, but is said to be recovering. Credit: PSNI Ballymena

Police are investigating an attack on a goose in a park in Ballymena which may have left the bird with a broken wing and leg.

According to officers, the bird was grabbed by the neck before being subjected to a blunt force.

It was initially feared the goose would have to be euthanised as a result of the incident, which happened at the People’s Park in the Co Antrim town sometime after 8.30pm on Wednesday.

However, on Sunday, officers updated people on the condition of “George the Goose”.

George, as he has been affectionately named, is a Greylag species and appears to be quite young.

Although battered and bruised, he should recover fully from his injuries.

– PSNI Ballymena

PSNI Ballymena confirmed that the injured bird was “recovering well, thanks to the care and dedication of staff at Fenaghy Veterinary Clinic”.

Officers added: “It is not known if his wing is broken as sedation and an x-ray would be too much of an ordeal for him at present.

“But as long as his recovery continues in the manner it has done so far, George should be fit for release in the next couple of days.”

Police have appealed for anyone who knows what happened to the bird to contact them on 101.