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Students warned over anti-social behaviour

Police urged students to 'exercise a degree of common sense'. Credit: UTV

Police have urged students in Belfast to be respectful of their neighbours and not get involved in anti-social behaviour.

It follows reports of disturbances in the Holyland area of the city.

Police arrested one person on Sunday evening and issued a number of warning notices, as well as making a further 14 reports to universities.

They said they have dedicated “substantial resources” to policing the area throughout the ‘Freshers’ Week’ period.

Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said: "Our advice to students is to look after yourself, your property and be good neighbours.

“It is vital that students living off campus are mindful of the importance of building good relationships with local residents.

“They must be respectful of their neighbours who don’t want to kept awake all night with parties and do not want to have their property damaged.”

Police said new and returning students should “exercise a degree of common sense”.

Gavin Kirkpatrick went on: “We want students to be aware that anyone involved in anti-social behaviour or any activity that is outside the law could find themselves with a criminal record which could ultimately affect travel, education and employment opportunities in the future.’

“So our message to students is very straightforward – be respectful of your neighbours, don’t become involved in antisocial or criminal activity and abide by the advice and codes of behaviour of your university or college.”