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Sean Quinn 'totally and absolutely' condemns attack on executive

Businessman Sean Quinn Credit: Pacemaker

The former owner of Quinn Industrial Holdings has condemned a 'barbaric' attack on one of the company's executives.

Kevin Lunney suffered life-changing injuries when he was abducted and beaten by a masked gang before being driven more than 20 miles away from his Derrylin home and left at a roadside in Co Cavan.

The father-of-six was discovered by members of the public at around 9.00pm on Tuesday night.

Mr Lunney was taken from outside his home in Co Fermanagh Credit: Pacemaker

Mr Lunney was subjected to a "severe and savage" beating at an unknown location, PSNI Superintendent Clive Beatty said.

Sean Quinn was once Ireland's richest man until the company collapsed. He was employed by a consultant at his former company but left in 2016.

Quinn Industrial Holdings said in a statement on Tuesday that the attack followed previous intimidation, physical assaults and arson attacks at or near the homes or businesses of its senior staff.

Speaking to Northern Sound radio station on Wednesday, the former owner said his family was 'outraged' at what had happened.

"The people doing this are not doing this for the Quinns because they should know this is going to damage the Quinns", he said.

"My view is that you wouldn't do that to a dog. That is not natural and it doesn't make any sense to me."

Quinn Industrial Holdings said Mr Lunney's car and another vehicle were found ablaze in a road near his family home shortly before 7.00pm on Tuesday.

"That man has a wife and kids, so of course I would condemn it totally.

"My reaction would be the same as anyone else's. It would be a sense of outrage.

"It would appear to me to be a fairly barbaric attack. Of course any proper individual and anybody with any sense of any morals would of course condemn that."

Kevin Lunney was attacked on Tuesday Credit: QIH

He said he has repeatedly condemned previous attacks on Quinn executives and that he and his family have no involvement with them.

"My family have been on to me and they are outraged as well. They have said we're going to take the flak for this and we are being blamed for this and that some people will look our direction at it," he said.

"It is a pity people are coming back to me all the time and asking me to condemn this... with all of these incidents... of course I condemn them.

"I am disappointed that people are always coming back to me and asking me about this because, since I left there and was sacked from there, the current executives and directors have issued legal proceeding against former directors, managers, staff, neighbours and friends. There is an awful of conflict down there.

"It is not me. I haven't been involved in those businesses for three and a half years.

"I'm condemning it totally and absolutely. There is no way around that. I am just saying it shouldn't still be linked to me or up to Sean Quinn to condemn this."

Officers from the Gardai and PSNI are appealing for information about a silver BMW and a black Audi seen driving suspiciously in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh on Tuesday night.