Dissidents blamed after device found at primary school

Dissident republicans have been blamed after a device was found in the grounds of a primary school in north Belfast.

The “improvised weapon” was discovered at Holy Cross Boys’ School on Monday morning, sparking a security alert which led to 300 pupils being evacuated.

Police will remain at the scene in the Brookfield Street area of the city overnight, and the school is expected to remain closed on Tuesday.

They have condemned those responsible for a “reckless act of stupidity”.

Holy Cross principal principal Kevin McArevey spoke to UTV about the shocking moment he found a suspect device within the school grounds.

He explained how he made the discovery while helping the caretaker unblock sewers at the site on Monday afternoon.

“I lifted a manhole cover and, to my surprise, I saw a plastic bag with what seemed to be something heavy in it,” Mr McArevey said.

“I initially thought it was a small spade, so I lifted it out myself and unravelled the packaging - only to be surprised to see wires at the top of this object.

“It immediately aroused my suspicions, so I rang the police.”