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More allegations of child abuse in Co Fermanagh

An ongoing newspaper investigation has uncovered more and more allegations of abuse in Co Fermanagh. Credit: UTV

It has been alleged that teenage girls were sexually exploited by a gang of men with criminal convictions while being looked after in a Co Fermamagh care home.

The claims are the latest in a string of allegations of historical child abuse across the county.

One alleged victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, told UTV she was “raped over and over again and moved from house to house to house”.

Laura – not her real name – says that her abuse started 18 years ago, when she was a vulnerable 13-year-old living in Brindley House care home.

I’ve so many questions, wanting to know why nobody helped us or stepped in to stop it from happening.

– ‘Laura’

The privately-run care home, located 10 miles from Enniskillen, has since been knocked down.

But Laura alleges that a number of girls who lived there were targeted by a gang of men, introduced to drugs, and groomed for sexual abuse and exploitation.

She remains too frightened to reveal her identity.

“Eighteen years on, I realise now we really were prostituted out,” Laura said.

She added that refusing to do what was wanted of them only made things worse.

“The next night, it would be 10 times worse for us,” she said.

“I had a knife put to my throat in a house in Enniskillen and I was raped four times one night,” Laura said, agreeing when asked if that was “punishment”.

The details have all come to the surface as part of the Impartial Reporter newspaper’s investigation into historical abuse in Fermanagh.