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Londonderry man found guilty of manslaughter of toddler

Liam Whoriskey was found guilty of manslaughter at Bishop Street Courthouse. Credit: Pacemaker

A Londonderry man has been found guilty of the manslaughter of a three-year-old boy.

Kayden McGuinness was found dead in the bedroom of his Columbcille Court home in the Bogside area of the city in September 2017.

Liam Whoriskey - who at the time of Kayden's death was in a relationship with the child's mother - was baby sitting the three-year-old.

Kayden died from bleeding in the brain caused by 15 non-accidental injuries to his scalp.

I hope he (Whoriskey) rots in hell. I hate him. I can't stand him.

I hope he never ever touches another wain again or goes near another wain again.

– Erin McLaughlin, Kayden's mum

It took the jury one hour to find Whoriskey unanimously guilty of Kayden's manslaughter.

They also found him guilty of a separate charge of child cruelty.

As the verdict was read out, Whoriskey shook his head in the dock while Kayden's family clapped and cheered and shouted "thank you" to the jury.

Three-year-old Kayden McGuinness was found dead in the bedroom of his home. Credit: Pacemaker

The boy's mother, Erin McLaughlin, spoke to UTV outside Bishop Street Courthouse.

She said: "This has been difficult for everybody, but we got some sort of justice today."

Whoriskey, from Glenabbey Gardens in the Galliagh area, will find out how long he will spend behind bars when he is sentenced next month.