Loyalists meet amid 'immense anger' over Brexit deal

Members of the loyalist community have gathered in east Belfast to discuss their reaction to the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal.

Organisers of the event on the Newtownards Road have described Boris Johnson’s agreement as a “betrayal act”.

They say they want people from across unionism and loyalism to unite peacefully to reject the deal that's on the table.

Mr Johnson’s proposals cannot come into force until they are approved by both Westminster and the European Parliament.

The DUP has criticised the deal, arguing it will put a legal, customs and economic border down the Irish Sea.

It also opposes the consent mechanism, which would give the Assembly a say on whether or not to continue following EU customs rules, but would not give the DUP a veto.

DUP councillor George Dorrian was among those who attended Monday night’s meeting.

Loyalist spokesman Jamie Bryson said there is "immense anger" within loyalism around the current proposed Brexit deal.

Speaking after the meeting, he said: "The unionist and loyalist community have had enough of this one-sided peace process.

“We're not going to tolerate an economic united Ireland and that was the feeling in the room.

"The message to the DUP is to stand firm, there was DUP representatives in the room tonight, they will have heard the anger from right across the unionist and loyalist community."