The Public Health Agency is encouraging people across Northern Ireland to talk about their organ donation wishes.

The news comes as PHA launch their new campaign which hopes to increase the number of transplants.

Figures show that while 84% of people support organ donation, only half of families in Northern Ireland agreed for organ donation to go ahead, as they weren’t aware of their loved ones wishes.

Nine people died last year waiting for an organ and there are approximately 140 people currently on the transplant waiting list here.

The new initiative which was launched on Wednesday aims to encourage people to make sure their family know about their wishes.

One Belfast woman who has felt the full impact that organ donation can have on their life is Orla Smyth.

Orla had renal failure and waited a number of years for a kidney transplant.

Following an unsuccessful transplant and several years on dialysis, she finally received a successful transplant in 2007.

Speaking to UTV, Orla said her transplant has dramatically changed her life.

For more information on being an organ donor you can visit: