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Assembly members receive £1,000 pay rise

The Assembly confirmed the pay rise.

MLAs at Stormont have received a £1,000 pay rise, the Assembly has confirmed.

The salary increase - from £49,500 to £50,500 - came into effect when Northern Ireland’s power-sharing institutions returned.

It had been put on hold while devolution was suspended.

An Assembly spokeswoman said: "Following the formation of an Executive on 11 January 2020, the full provisions of the Assembly Members (Salaries and Expenses) Determination (Northern Ireland) 2016 are in effect, including the provisions for an annual up-rating.”

She added: "The current annual salary payable as a member is £50,500."

MLAs' pay was cut by a third during the political impasse, with the Government responding to public anger that members were on full pay despite not sitting in the devolved legislature to which they had been elected.

  • Why are our MLAs being given a pay rise?

People Before Profit leader Gerry Carroll branded the move to increase wages a “slap in the face” for striking public sector workers.

The west Belfast MLA only takes home around half of his entitled salary, with the remainder being diverted into party funds.

He said: “People Before Profit have always advocated for MLAs to be paid an average worker's wage - it's what I take home.

"How can MLAs receive a salary that is around double the average wage and claim to competently represent their constituents' interests when their financial realities are so different?"