Family of Ian Ogle still being intimidated by 'east Belfast UVF'

The family of east Belfast murder victim Ian Ogle say they have not been able to grieve properly a year on because they are still being intimidated.

His daughter Toni Johnson spoke out ahead of a public meeting on Monday which the family organised in east Belfast.

“My daddy was a big family man but he was also our protector and I seen [sic] him go from my protector to watching his lifeless body lying on the cold ground.

A year may have passed, but Ms Johnson’s pain has not.

She reflects on his death, in the home just around the corner from where her father was murdered.

Ian Ogle was stabbed up to 11 times by a group of men here at the entrance of Cluan Place.

Moments before he'd shared his fears of an attack with his pastor and prayed on the spot where he'd lose his life.

“I can just remember arriving down to the street to be told that they’d got my daddy, and I’d seen my brother cradling him and he was screaming that he’d been sliced and I just remember the screams,” she recalled.

Just a day after Ian Ogle’s murder, Ms Johnson revealed her family had been living under threat and blamed those within the UVF.

The east Belfast UVF said Ian Ogle's killing was not sanctioned.

There were still people within east Belfast UVF murdered my daddy, and they were being protected, they were allowed to use the UVF’s name to terrorise me and my family.

Toni Johnson

The community condemned the killing at a vigil and at the father-of-two’s funeral.

But the family insist they continue to live under paramilitary pressure and claim that's coming from within the UVF.

“I don’t feel that we’ve grieved properly yet, we haven’t been allowed to because we’re still being intimidated. But it’s just been a complete nightmare, our lives are completely ruined,” Ms Johnson said.

She says the family is still facing intimidation in the form of social media taunts, graffiti and being isolated in the community.

“I believe it’s people who are in the east Belfast UVF. Why are you allowing it? Because you can’t stop it?”

She says she doesn’t regret speaking out and will continue to do so.

In the year that's passed 3 men have been charged with Ian Ogle's murder.

On Monday night the family hosted a public meeting to remember Ian Ogle and encourage people to have their say about how to make east Belfast a safer, freer place for those living there.