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Almost 7000 apply to join PSNI following recruitment campaign

The First and Deputy First Minister appeared at the recruitment drive in early February Credit: Pacemaker

Almost 7,000 people have applied to join the PSNI since a new recruitment drive was launched.

There's been a rise in the number of applications from the Catholic community and from women, following the new campaign which Sinn Fein attended for the first time.

It follows a number of death threats issued by dissident republicans following the party's decision to attend the event.

The PSNI will hire 600 new trainees, which is up 11% on the last campaign.

More Protestants also applied, an increase of 450 over the previous recruitment drive.

The number of women applicants is also up by around 3%.

The drive comes the force is attempting to tackle under-representation by attracting more Catholics, those from working class backgrounds, women, ethnic minorities and members of the LGBT community.

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