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UTV cameraman, who captured some of the most iconic images of the Troubles, dies aged 91

Mr Cave's funeral will be held on Friday Credit: Bobby Hanvey/Boston College

Cyril Cave, a cameraman who worked throughout the worst of the Troubles and captured some of the most iconic images over the years of civil unrest, has died, aged 91.

He filmed a priest waving a blood-stained handkerchief as a man was carried along the street in Londonderry during Bloody Sunday.

It remains one of the most iconic images of the Troubles.

The injured man was Jackie Duddy, one of 13 killed when British soldiers opened fire on unarmed civilians in 1972.

The priest was Edward Daly, who later became the Bishop of Derry.

Cyril was born in Holywood in County Down, and entered the news world as a photographer for the Lurgan Mail.

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He went on to the Belfast Telegraph before becoming a television news cameraman, working for the BBC, Sky as well as UTV.

His camerawork brought the reality of the Troubles to our TV screens.

He went on to capture events like the horror of the Shankill bombing in 1993.

Cyril Cave won numerous awards for his work, and former colleagues say he was insightful and generous with his expertise.

His funeral will be held on Friday.

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