Runaway swan given police escort back to Belfast pond

A rogue swan was escorted back to its pond by police after running amok on a road in north Belfast.

Sinead Mackie, 36, who filmed the incident, said it had "made her day".

She told the PA news agency: "The swan was actually walking up the Antrim Road on its own first.

"Me and my friend went to the garage and on the way back down we saw the policemen walking with it, escorted by a police car with blue lights on.

"They were walking it back to the Waterworks pond. I just had to record it asit was so funny."

Officers stopped traffic to allow the swan to cross the road safely.

A PSNI spokesman said the bird was unharmed during its adventure.

He said: "The swan in question was posing risk to itself and road users on the Antrim Road.

"Highly trained officers were able coax the swan on to the footpath, they thenwalked the swan back to the Waterworks.

"The swan was unharmed by the ordeal, however its presence on a main road ruffled a few feathers.

"Officers involved praised locals for keeping a bird's eye view on theincident.

"We are glad the swan returned to the Waterworks safely and avoided fallingfowl of the law."

The swan was unavailable for comment to UTV.