Six new cases of coronavirus in NI takes total to 68

Six new cases of coronavirus have been identified in Northern Ireland, taking the total to 68.

According to the latest update from the Department of Health, the number of tests carried out stands at 1,482.

People with mild symptoms are not being tested, but advised to stay at home and self-isolate.

Across the UK, 2,626 cases have been recorded - an increase of 676 from Tuesday.

A total of 56,221 people have been tested, with 53,595 negative test results.

The coronavirus death toll in the UK now stands at 104 after a further 32 people in England died after testing positive.

The latest figures come as Scotland and Wales announced they would be closing schools to limit the spread of Covid-19.

No official statement has been made on whether schools in Northern Ireland and England will remain open, but a decision is said to be imminent.

A High Court challenge to schools in Northern Ireland remaining open has been put on hold after a judge was told closures are imminent.

Meanwhile, the impact of people panic buying and stockpiling has led to empty shelves in supermarkets.

Chains are now introducing measures to help ease the strain on supplies, workers, and shoppers most at risk.

They include dedicated opening hours for older people and limits on the number of goods individuals can buy.

Supermarkets are imposing strict measures to curb stockpiling. Credit: PA


  • The UK's largest supermarket chain will close its 24-hour stores between 10pm and 6am to ensure shelves are fully stocked

  • Introducing a three-item limit per each item, store-wide

  • Special restrictions on toilet paper, anti-bacterial wipes, and paracetamol

  • Mobile app was taken offline after high demand on Tuesday


  • Customers can only buy a maximum of three of any one grocery product and a maximum of two of the most popular items, such as toilet roll, soap and long life milk

  • Will limit first hour of trading to the over-70s and vulnerable shoppers only

  • Those over 70 and people with a disability will be given priority access to online delivery slots

  • Closing cafes and its meat, fish and pizza counters to free up freight capacity for more essential products


  • Three-item limit per individual product across food, toiletries and cleaning products

  • Closing non-essential services such as cafes and pizza counters to free up capacity

  • Closing 24-hour stores between midnight and 6am to allow time to replenish stocks

  • Offering non-contact delivery to customers who are self-isolating, for example leaving the goods on the doorstep


  • Four items per customer for certain products, including household essentials, cleaning products, pasta, rice and tinned goods


  • Allocating two hours on Wednesday morning exclusively for elderly people and other vulnerable groups to shop

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