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'I have sleepless nights and ask if I have the mental capacity for this' - The GP preparing for a rise in Covid 19 cases

"I am frightened, I kind of have sleepless nights thinking, have I the mental capacity for this."

Dr Linda Kelly knows that she is about to face into one of the gravest challenges of her life.

From Monday, the GP based in west Belfast, will be part of the first set of doctors to work in one of the new coronavirus centres set up to manage the growing number of cases of Covid-19 in Northern Ireland.

"We ultimately will run out of intensive care beds and then it will perhaps come to the scenario of medical ethical committee's in the hospitals to decide who gets the ventilators," she said.

"As GPs we are used to working with palliative care patients but we will be in roles then when we will be dealing with vast numbers of palliative care patients."

Dr Kelly will be based in Beech Hall in west belfast - one of a network of hubs and says her profession is bracing itself for what lies ahead in the next few weeks.

"We have been told when we work in the covid centre it is advisable you do a morning shift and not to return to work in your own GP surgery that afternoon because of the risk of contamination, yet it is ok to go home to our own families after working a shift.

"I have two young children, I also have an elderly mother who lives with us and the concern in a lot of countries we have seen, in Italy, China and Spain, is that the health care professionals who became unwell very quickly, was due to the continual this low grade exposure and has resulted in the deaths of health care professionals."

Despite her concerns Dr Kelly says support from those closest means everything through this outbreak.

"My daughter finished her English assignment two few days ago. When I came home she wanted me to read it. And, they had to write on the person who inspires me.

"She reduced me to tears because she had actually written about me being on the front line and still managing to be a mum."