What a week of isolation has shown me

Social distancing and self-isolation is all part of the Covid-19 response and saving lives. Credit: PA

What a week of isolation has shown me … (the list is not exhaustive and it’s not even been a full week)

How grateful I am that I love, but most importantly, like the people I live with.

And even then, just how challenging it is to share such a confined space (and we are lucky enough to have a small garden) with four other people, including two small children and a baby - who is literally into EVERYTHING.

That I actually see (albeit remotely) my 76-year-old mother more now than I ever have. Sometimes twice a day. And that she has managed to master (albeit accidentally) video calling.

The many benefits of technology and social media to keep us connected and laughing.

How quiet everywhere is (when The Loud House isn’t on full blast).

The bravery of those on the frontline in our health and social care system.

Support for the NHS on Black Mountain on the outskirts of Belfast. Credit: Pacemaker

The unsung heroes working behind the scenes to keep us fed.

The patience of teachers.

The kindness of strangers.

And the relief when the off licence was reclassified as an essential service.

The messages around staying safe are everywhere. Credit: Presseye