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How UTV is adapting on-screen and behind-the-scenes

We may be working differently, but we're still the same UTV at heart. Credit: UTV

As a public service broadcaster, UTV has had to adapt in order to keep bringing you the news on TV and online and you may notice some changes as we adhere to social distancing advice.

With trusted and impartial news more important than ever during this global coronavirus crisis, UTV staff have been designated as key workers – essential to getting information to you, quickly and accurately.

That is why we are still at work when other businesses have been asked to close.

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Our reporters and camera crews continue to news-gather and that sometimes requires being out and about and meeting people face-to-face.

However, social distancing is still to the fore.

And, where possible, more staff are working from home – news-gathering at their laptops and using video calls to conduct interviews.

We have reduced the number of people we are bringing into our studio and newsroom each day and those who are in are also social distancing.

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Our 6pm news programme UTV Live is now fronted by one presenter instead of two, and our lunchtime and weekend bulletins are shorter than usual.

Local continuity announcements between programmes have been temporarily suspended, so you will hear different voices on UTV for the time being.

As part of this change, UTV viewers will also temporarily see ITV branding between programmes.

Many people and businesses are facing different challenges and struggles amid the uncertainty of life on lockdown, but we can all only do what we can to stay safe and try to stop the Covid-19 spread.

The messages around staying safe during the coronavirus outbreak are clear. Credit: Presseye

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