The highs and lows of lockdown life

The Clarke kids are on to mum's secret chocolate stash. Credit: Sarah Clarke

So, week two started with gusto, but ended with a large gin. Here are my highs and lows:

By far the pinnacle - my son (denied all competitive sport) has set himself new challenges in the garden - including whipping the football into our blue bin.

MASSIVE thank you to the refuse collectors for emptying it just hours before.

Other memorable moments include:

Secretly stuffing myself with chocolate while insisting the kids have fruit for snacks - and being caught in the act. My son: “I know you’re eating giant buttons, mum.”

Realising your children are smarter than you and they’re only eight and six. My daughter: “I don’t have time to teach you phonics, mum.”

Sticking with Joe Wicks all week - grateful for the structure it provides. It feels more like half an hour of ‘shout outs’ than a workout. I feign enthusiasm and begin to think even the kids are (like me) more interested in his home decor then the exercises. Although we all enjoyed seeing a cameo appearance from Spiderman on Friday.

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Celebrating my husband’s birthday with a barbeque in the rain and a homemade birthday cake baked by me and the kids, but directed by my mum from her sofa - 60 miles away.

My daily escape with the baby and my fellow walkers’ smiles as we move the requisite two metres apart.

Art and crafts helps keep the kids entertained. Credit: Sarah Clarke

How social distancing has, conversely, led me to catching up more with old (and by that I mean long time) friends.

And on those calls, everyone musing that this extraordinary time could be a wake-up call to everyone to what’s really important.

We are now formally on Easter holidays. Maybe I’ll even try the blue bin challenge myself.

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