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Charities report 'significant' rise in domestic abuse since Covid-19 lockdown

Charties report 'significant' rise in domestic abuse since Covid-19 lockdown Credit: PA

Organisations that deal with domestic abuse across the UK are reporting a 'significant' rise in calls since the coronavirus lockdown, which began two weeks ago.

This week, a senior PSNI officer reassured victims of domestic abuse, that help is still available during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Northern Ireland, police revealed last month that domestic abuse is at its highest level as people have to stay at home.

Charities in Northern Ireland are working to deliver help and support for those most vulnerable during the crisis.

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In a statement, Assistant Chief Constable McEwan said: “We know this is a really worrying and difficult time for everyone and that a lot of people are spending more time at home, which may lead to stressful situations.

“As your Police Service, it is our job to keep people safe, and that remains our priority despite the challenges during this global emergency.

“Domestic abuse is a crime and, until victims are aware there is a safe environment to share their concerns, they will continue to hold on to the secret of domestic abuse.

“Our role is about prevention, protection and prosecution – to prevent further violence to protect victims, children and other vulnerable people, and to facilitate the prosecution of offenders.

“For victims we know they may now find it harder to leave their homes, but I want you to know help is out there in many forms, and every step of the way, so please come forward and report what is happening to us or through the other services available.

“Please, remember, we are here to listen and to work with our partners to protect and help you.”