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Shipyard horn sounded for frontline workers

The horn has not sounded properly at the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast for 20 years. Credit: PA

Harland and Wolff workers have sounded the shipyard horn for the first time in 20 years, in a show of support for NHS staff and all those sustaining frontline services.

At 8pm, the loudest siren in Belfast echoed right across the city to show appreciation.

  • VIDEO: Belfast's shipyard horn sounds across the city

A Harland and Wolff spokesperson said: “We simply want to share our gratitude to all workers in the NHS and other critical services across Northern Ireland, the wider UK and globally, as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in these unprecedented times.

"The word ‘hero’ is often overused and overdone, but that is the best and most fitting description of our nurses, doctors and everyone – and we mean everyone – currently working and volunteering in the health service and all other critical services.

"The sounding of the Harland and Wolff horn is, with all things in consideration, a very small gesture.

"However, we feel that it will serve as a siren of solidarity, hope and tenacity for Belfast, Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole.”

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For a third week in a row, people across Northern Ireland united in applause to show their gratitude to all those on the frontline of the pandemic response.

The scenes have been replicated on streets across the UK.

A mural supporting the NHS workers battling the coronavirus crisis. Credit: PA

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