Coronavirus: The lighter side of lockdown

During the coronavirus outbreak, the dedication of frontline workers, community spirit, and symbols of hopes are keeping life in Northern Ireland going.

We’ve been bringing you some of those stories to cast a little light in the darkness and will be resharing some of them here, and on our social media accounts, in the days and weeks ahead.

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  • VIDEO: Olympian Dame Mary Peters on these 'strange times' and a message of support for those on the frontline

You’ve been sending us your thanks to those fighting Covid-19 in our hospitals, your applause for the NHS, your gratitude for all those looking after the vulnerable, and the essential workers carrying on.

We’ve received hundreds and hundreds of rainbows to brighten our days and those of our viewers when we display them each day on UTV Live.

  • VIDEO: Actress Bronagh Waugh says 'thank you' to everyone staying home and saving lives, and to those on the frontline

A crochet group from Antrim have been busy making teddy bears for the children of staff working in the local hospital - complete with scrubs as a little reminder of mum or dad.

Here’s another look at Ruth Gorman’s report on the Thelma and Louise partnering up for a stitch-up of a different kind – making scrubs.

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On the Shankill Road, one woman's efforts to make scrubs for those on the frontline quickly garnered more and more support. Now a team of volunteers is inundated with requests!

And who could forget the marathon man who ran 26 miles without leaving home – complete with a wheelbarrow for good measure?

  • VIDEO: Singer Nathan Carter can't wait to get back to performing

Holy social-distancing, Batman! Take another look at the caped crusader making a special appearance in a neighbourhood on lockdown.

  • VIDEO: Home schooling's no bother in Rory Best's house - well, the PE anyway...

Life under lockdown is proving a challenge for everyone, especially those at school.

Limavady Grammar has been encouraging its pupils to unlock their creativity while staying at home and one student has produced a video journal, which she hopes will inspire others.

  • VIDEO: Retired Ulster and Ireland rugby star Chris Henry on looking forward to better days

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In times of crisis, heroes emerge. Credit: PA