Two men have been injured and children narrowly escaped harm when scaffolding collapsed in Ascot Park in east Belfast.

The men suffered back and neck injuries as a result of the collapse, and were transferred to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Two children narrowly escaped injury as they were playing in a back garden when the structure fell.

A contracted firm was carrying out repairs to a house on the road when the scaffolding gave way and fell onto a neighboring property, causing minor structural damage.

The Fire Service, police and air ambulance were involved in the response to the incident, which happened on Monday morning.

Air ambulance doctors treated the injured at the scene, before they were transferred to hospital by road.

Group Commander Andy McVeigh said: "Two children were playing in the back garden when the structure fell. It's lucky they were there - it could have been worse."

The Northern Ireland Health and Safety Executive has been made aware of the incident.