Lockdown life: A little welcome respite

An archive image of a rainbow at the Giant's Causeway. Credit: PA

So lockdown has been relaxed a little and it came at just the right time to alleviate the tension in our house.

Emily met up with her best friend Nell and, although repeatedly reminded to stay two metres apart, they had (surprisingly) no problem adhering to a so-called ‘social distance’. It’s a term now so firmly embedded in our lexicon and a practice so part of this ‘new normal’, I think that our behaviours may well have changed permanently.

I’m very lucky that Nell’s mum happens to be my good friend too. It was a welcome respite for all of us.

Meet-ups at a safe distance. Credit: Sarah Clarke

We had coffee in the garden with my father-in-law, and are calling to see my mum - again in the garden. The children have requested a Sunday lunch picnic.

Never have I been more grateful for gardens - and coffee. Our machine threatened to give up the ghost and I was perturbed at the prospect, but pleased to report it’s still with us.

The kids wear their school uniform every day and have done from the start. I didn’t think it would stick, but it has and for that I am also grateful. Although the washing machine (and dishwasher) still seem to be on - constantly.

Schools may be largely closed, but learning continues at home. Credit: Sarah Clarke

Home was re-named the Emoji School from week one, but it was week nine before the signage came. The choice of emoji was my son’s, but it pretty much sums up my mood most of the time. I’m just glad it wasn’t ? or ?.

Meanwhile, the Google Doodle of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, on what would have been his 61st birthday, introduced the children to the Hawaiian singer’s sublime rendition of the beloved Judy Garland classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

The perfect antidote in our troubled times and, as well as a catch-up with friends and family, has been good for the soul.